"I have no answers- only ideas based on experience."

In my family, loving touch was a rarity. Hugs were usually brief and bear-like, without any lingering tenderness. We’d sit next to each other, watching TV on the couch, close, but not touching. It made these moments when I got to rub my Dad’s feet relieving, not just for him, but for me, too. As someone who responds very strongly to touch now, looking back, I know I was yearning for a stronger connection to my own body and with the bodies of those I loved through touch.

I came to realize my power of touch through yoga. Exploring the awareness of my body opened me to a new awareness of my mind. The two to me are inextricably linked. The bridge between the two is breath. As a bodyworker, I use the breath as much as a client is ready for. Watching and playing with how we breathe is an essential key to healing. I believe that the body is healing itself all the time, forgiving all the harm we knowingly and unknowingly inflict upon it, and all I can do as a healer is allow that process to unfold.

I love to dance. There's really nothing like the flow state induced by a really long, loving dance with myself. I've recently fallen for contact improv dance and love connecting with the creative ways others move that are totally unique unto them. Acroyoga is a longer-standing love affair, of which I experiment with my own boundaries of trust, connection, and surrender. Yoga is the biggest long-term relationship I've ever been in. It keeps giving and giving, challenging and supporting me to be my strongest, resilient, most open-hearted self possible. I've dabbled in other movement and body traditions, as ancient as Qi Gong, and as young as Emotional Freedom Technique. My massage practice is informed by my dance and yoga background, and my yoga practice draws from what I learn as a massage therapist. 

Kellyn was exceptional. She was attentive and the pressure of her hand was just right, firm, but gentle. I left floating on air and more relaxed overall. I highly recommend her and plan to go back again. Thank you!
— Tasha C.